For over 25 years Outside Connections has been thriving in America’s heartland where the worlds of Agriculture and Outdoors recreation are both tightly meshed and integral facets of the economic engine.   Our roots are deeply established in most facets of the farm industry ranging from agronomy to animal husbandry matters.   We have also been communicating the outdoors experience whether it be hunting, fishing, trapping, camping or nature exploration for nearly three decades.



Our team of marketing professionals understand our niche and will develop this life-long passion into a marketing strategy delivering measurable results.   In most instances we have a fundamental understanding of the target audience because we can related to their needs and concerns making an instant connection often vital when marketing in today’s world.

At Outside Connections we recognize the importance of speaking the right language to farmers and to outdoorsmen.   We didn’t develop this ability by reading a book or sitting in some high-rise office building, at times during our lives our staff has gotten downright and dirty planting corn, feeding livestock or belly crawling to inch closer to a pronghorn antelope.



We know our customer’s promotional marketing needs are constantly evolving and at times more confusing than ever before.   Ideas and strategies that may have once worked to promote a business even three years ago can be terribly outdated and ineffective in today’s changing Online climate.   Now, more than ever before, to stay relevant and recognizable it requires a plan of action with a focus towards the future.

Allow us to become that comfortable hunting or barn jacket with the perfect fit.   You know the one, it feels so good and always protects your back when you need it most.   Contact us today for a no-obligation, free consultation on how you can take a positive step in the right direction with all your promotional marketing or public relations needs.   We encourage you to spend a few moments poking around our website to learn more, or better yet, give us a call.   We look forward to meeting you and working on your exciting project.