Outside Connections, LLC was established in August of 1987 and quickly grew to become one of the largest independent producers and marketers of promotional calendar products found in North America.   With the capability of taking a calendar design from concept to completion, we quickly gained the industry reputation of being one of the foremost calendar producers to be found anywhere.

Through the years we’ve won several top honors with the Calendar Marketing Association in both our product designs and printing quality.   Our best recognition, however, has been building a large, loyal base of customers some of whom have been with us for over two decades strong.   We strive hard to earn this customer trust while working even harder to provide the best possible product to be found in this market category.

As one of the early pioneers marketing promotional calendars on the Internet, it has afforded us the opportunity to explore various Internet marketing possibilities during the past 15 years.   This hasn’t been some textbook case study many modern marketers recently learned about in college, for us we have lived it and actually invested our money and resources to discover first-hand what works and what doesn’t.   The Internet is a new frontier for marketing and the best way to discover it is to be part of the evolution.

Today, Outside Connections, LLC maintains a strong calendar marketshare, but has broadened its range of services to clients to reflect a changing and very dynamic landscape.   Traditional marketing still has its place and purpose, but new digital and social media marketing opportunities holds unlimited potential.   While many businesses still appear stuck using selling strategies that may have worked during their grandparents’ years, Outside Connections, LLC is committed to unleash the exciting potential of this new era of marketing.

At Outside Connections, LLC we’ve been blessed to work with a team of top-notch professionals each of whom takes their roles and accomplishments very seriously.   As many of our clients realize, we don’t just work for our clients, instead, we partner with them to share in their success.   Together, we have a common goal with a shared vision of what constitutes a successful outcome for any communication or marketing effort.

It is my hope that you take the next step in contacting us to learn even more about the team making up Outside Connections, LLC and give us an opportunity to win your business trust.   If you ask any of us to do something not within our scope of expertise, we’ll tell you upfront and will likely guide you to whom you should be contacting for those specialized services.   On the other hand, if you challenge us with a project or marketing service fully within our capabilities, I will personally guarantee your satisfaction in getting the job done on-time and correct.

Want to learn more?   Contact us and let’s explore how we might develop a new business relationship working together.   I look forward to making the new connection.

Best regards,

James Braaten
Owner & Chief Manager